Works In Progress

The following are a list of side projects that I am developing in my somewhat limited spare time. Besides my fulltime job with Retriever Solutions, I am an avid photographer, gardner, father to two fur babies, a grandfather, a son, and most of all, a husband. Somehow though, I find away to make time to pursue my dreams and ideas for the greater good of humanity, or at least my immediate circle of influence.

SPEDOH (The Game)

After a year of living in Colorado, I decided that I was acclimated enough to return to Missouri and retrieve my stuff from storage. Normally, such a story wouldn't matter in the bigger scheme of things, but this little thousand-mile jaunt inspired me to return to college and study Information Technology. The long drive across Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri gave me time to think about where I was going with my life and what I wanted to do in order to prepare for retirement. But I had always been able to find jobs in the past, so why was I suddenly motivated to go back to school? Well, I had an idea for a board game. Take Bingo and a time limit and create a game called SPEDOH.

The concept was six columns of six, 36 tiles, and a random number generator spitting out numbers. The player had to place the numbers on the tiles in sequential order from low to high across rows, columns and diagonals, scoring points for accuracy and bonus points for speed. Ultimately, I felt that SPEDOH could evolve into a money generating vehicle through high score competitions and tournaments. The game is currently playable at While not ready for primetime, everything SPEDOH is, I had to teach myself. It's difficult for a young developer can find someone willing to do the massive amount of algorithm construction necessary for this game, but it's been a hell-of-a-lot of fun creating something from concept to finish.

Party Finances

In 2017, I ran for and was elected to be the Party Treasurer for one of the county political parties in the State of Colorado. Almost immediately I realized that there had to be a better way of record keeping and reporting than managing multiple excel spreadsheets, a Quicken account and manipulating data from online donation sites. The reporting requirements were for an xml document, so I thought, why not put all of the data into one database and end having to retype every donation and donator's information three times? I spent my first year as Treasurer learning what was needed for the different situations and then wrote up the UML and set to work on building the tables and ultimately the online application. The current iteration of is a secure site, but I will soon be converting the beta test site to a new home and using Party Finances as a sample site. If you would like a demonstration of the site, please email me through the Contact Page. The practical applications of Party Finances are built into three revenue streams: Donation convenience fees ($1.00 per donation) and a small fee for the plug in. An annual support fee will be available as well.