Whether you have found yourself on this page to check in on me, review my qualifications for a particular job, learn about what motivates me, or you stumbled upon this page looking for someone with the same name - welcome. While this page is not a blog, like me, it is a work in progress. This is quite possibly the one hundredth iteration of patrickwellman.com.

About Me

I have had many experiences and held many positions in my evolution to who I am today. What I know is what I have learned from reading, writing, researching, developing, education, experience, and my greatest teacher, mistakes. I have sold Christmas Trees, mowed lawns, sold newspaper subscriptions, climbed mountains, swam in the ocean, played the trumpet, guitar and piano, made award winning films, shot award winning photography, written noted papers, and that's just a list of my side jobs and hobbies. For employment I have washed dishes, cooked, managed, general manager and owned restaurants (12 years). I have worked for marketing firms, radio stations and in television broadcasting (8 years). I have been a commercial fisherman and a plant foreman on two commercial fishing boats (8 years on and off). I have published an illustrated children's book series. These are things I have done that are not reflected on my job application. In 2011, I returned to college and earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Technology.

A number of my friends have asked, what inspired me to go into Information Technology (IT)? A little-known fact about my childhood is that I was being exposed to computers long before most people even knew what computers were. My father was employed by IBM and a few years into the sixties, he opened his own company, Data Methods. My mother worked at Standford University where fate would force her into the developing technologies of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) and Jobs' developing of the PC. When I was 14, we had a modem, monitor and keyboard on our kitchen table in Belmont, California that was capable of communicating with the ARPANET mainframe in Palo Alto. Quite frankly, the new technology intimidated me and as a teenager, so I did not willingly embrace it.

After High School, I attended college in Utah and developed a fondness for word processors. As my college employment evolved from working as a line cook into working as a manager, my relationship with computers became more formal, learning as I went along. When I joined Artic Alaska Seafood in 1984, I was one of a half dozen individuals in the fleet with any understanding of computers at all. Consequently, as my boat was introduced to CC mail, DOS, Wolfenstein and Arnold Palmer Golf, I was put in charge of reporting and document creation (along with my other fulltime duties as boat foreman). When not fishing, my partner and I opened the Southern Utah Reservation Center (SURC) that booked hotel and campsite reservations through a call center. The problem with SURC was not our ability to book rooms, but our client's inability to pay our commissions. As technology continued to evolve and national reservation centers grew to consume our customer base, we closed the doors on SURC. I left commercial fishing in 1994, I opened my own restaurant in St. George, Utah, and during a lengthy conversation with a customer, realized the true potential of information technology.

Working in tandem with an Emergency Room physician from LDS Hospital, and two recent graduates from BYU, we developed a working model for the Emergency Notification System (ENS). A turnkey system for alerting first responders to potential drug interactions and past medical records. Once and alert was activated (through access to the Emergency Response System (ERS)) a licensed agent would contact those persons whose information was listed on the customers ENS Card (a digital business card containing medical records, insurance information and emergency contacts). If a subscriber was in an accident involving a first responder or medical facility, their card would provide all of the information to the medical support staff, family members, and file a claim to the insurance carrier. Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain the financing necessary to launch the company nationwide. But I still believe that something like ENS is a necessary and viable healthcare concept.

In 2002, I moved back to Northern California where I worked for Bicoastal Media as an Account Manager. In 2007, I moved to Missouri and took a job with Yellow book as a "New Media" specialists. While I did some freelance marketing and business planning for MB Broadcasting between 1998 and 2001, I generally don't include it as experience, but it was in fact an amazing educational opportunity into the world of television and radio broadcasting. I also co-hosted a weekly Movie Review show with one of the owners. While in Missouri, I published four editions of the Mr. Duz book series for early readers.

In 2009, I met my wife and moved to Colorado. Patti and I are going on ten years now, and she supported my desires to finish college. In 2011, I returned to school and completed my Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Technology with honors (Magna Cum Laude). After graduation, I worked for myself while learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP and SQL. I should mention that the reason I chose to get an IT degree is because while driving home from Missouri in 2010, I had an idea for a game - Spedoh. The game board works almost exactly as planned; however, I am still working on the final touches to the site including the registration and best scores. I have recently been a little side tracked while developing a web-based application for political parties and candidates: Party Finances. Party Finances, upon completion will offer a subscription plug in for political parties and candidates to accept and record donations through their websites, saving thousands of dollars per year against current national sites, and report directly to State Reporting sites from the application. For more information about these sites, please see Works In Progress. Currently, I am employed by Retriever Solutions Inc, where I troubleshoot software and oversee the technical support team. I have been with Retriever for nearly 4 years and while I enjoy the work, I am open to new opportunities that will allow for further growth in my IT development.

Well, that about wraps up my biographical information other than in my free time I write code, play with my two Golden Retrievers, play guitar, play Bocce Ball, go to Rockies Baseball Games, catch a concert every now and then, work on the house/yard, and generally keep busy with projects and yes, I still write. For more information about me or to request a Resume, please fill go to the Contact page and send me a message. Hope you've enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me and I look forward to hearing from you.


Patrick A. Wellman